Beyond the Photograph

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” -Ansel Adams

Born in Wisconsin, I quickly learned to appreciate the beauty of Earth.  The Mississippi River was the ultimate fun in the summers. After moving to the Dallas, Texas  area I realized my heart belonged with my family up north. I was fortuante to have my wish and earn a BS in Business Management and a Master of Business Administration in La Crosse, WI. My heart was happy- until I realized I needed to follow my family to sunny Sarasota, FL.
I have lived in Sarasota, FL for 10 years. I am obsessed with the warm sunny weather. I love to photograph the white powder beaches, the tall grasses, the sunsets, and families. It’s a beautiful place to call the “office” and create art. It’s a happy place to be!

Whether it’s sunset or sunrise, it’s nearly always beautiful light. The combination of light, you, and our intention/direction of your photo session will create timeless moments. 
I want to capture YOUR happiness. Whether you are on vacation or a resident, I know there’s joy inside you. I want to capture your emotion, the gathering with your family, and document this special time for you. Don’t forget, I want to capture your true beautiful self. So please, be yourself and act yourself. I work with all types of personalities and I want you to feel I’m part of your family. So relax and HAVE FUN! 

Thank you!

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