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Beyond the Photograph

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” -Ansel Adams

Born in Wisconsin, I quickly learned to appreciate the beauty of Earth.  The Mississippi River was the ultimate fun in the summers. The rural towns and fire fly catching evenings was the heart of my childhood. After moving to the Dallas, Texas area I realized my heart belonged with my family up north. I was fortuante to have my wish and grew earn a BS in Business Management and a Master of Business Administration in La Crosse, WI. My heart was happy- until I realized I needed to follow my family to sunny Sarasota, FL.
I have lived in Sarasota, FL for 11 years. I am obsessed with the warm sunny weather. I love to photograph on the cool white powder beaches, in the tall grasses, the sunsets, and all the beautiful families. It’s a wonderful place to call the “office” and create art.
Our award winning beaches and surrounding parks is a happy place to be! Let’s document your time here. 

Whether it’s sunset or sunrise, it’s nearly always beautiful light. The combination of light, you, and our intention/direction of your photo session will create timeless moments. 
I want to capture YOUR happiness. Whether you are on vacation or a resident, I know there’s joy inside you. I want to capture your emotion, the gathering with your family, and document this special time for you. Don’t forget, I want to capture your true beautiful self. So please, be yourself and act yourself. I work with all types of personalities and I want you to feel comfortable...like I’m part of your family. Now, hit one of those buttons below and let’s connect to book!

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